Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021 aims to contribute to the discussion on international standardisation in in-vitro diagnostics by providing a space where experts in the field present their research and start a dialogue, both among themselves but also with you as an attendee.

Why Attend?

A conference in virtual format has many benefits over physical meetings. It allows you to participate irrespective of your location you can partake in all the presentations and discussions from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, we minimise our environmental impact by reducing the number of travels to and from the conference, which is also wallet-friendly. The registration fees are furthermore lowered, increasing the accessibility of the event.

Please join us at the Virtual Conference Precision Diagnostics Europe 2021!

Conference email:


CZ Contact person: Veronika Kašparová

Office/invoice address:
TATAA Biocenter s.r.o.
Nad Safinou II 366
252 50, Czech Republic


SE Contact person:  Malin Andersson Stavridis

Office address:
TATAA Biocenter AB, Göteborg
Odinsgatan 28
411 03 Göteborg