26 – 27 May, 2020

  • Quality Control in Molecular Diagnostics (1-day, theoretical)
  • Sample Preparation and Quality Control of Nucleic Acids (2-days, with practical part)
  • MicroRNA Analysis (2-days, with practical part)

27 – 29 May, 2020

  • Standardization of molecular analysis methods
  • New and forthcoming ISO standards for in vitro diagnostics
  • New and forthcoming CEN standards for in vitro diagnostics
  • Europe’s new In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR)
  • MIQE guidelines
  • Tools and software for quality control and quality assessment
  • Quality assurance in molecular diagnostics
  • Quality assessment of molecular analysis methods
  • Quality control tools
  • Standard Operating Procedures for molecular analyses
  • Optimizing and validating molecular analysis methods
  • Liquid Biopsies, cell-free DNA, exosomes, circulating microRNA and tumor cells
  • Next Generation Sequencing, Real-Time Quantitative PCR, Digital PCR
  • Forensic DNA analysis
  • Data Integrity and security
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of molecular analysis data
  • Hands-on training in molecular analysis