Speakers in alphabetical order:

O  Becker, Karl-Friedrich 

Technical University of Munich, Germany


Conference talk: Quality control and biomarker stability studies using unique tumour tissue samples exposed to different ischemic condition

O  Bogozalec Kosir, Alexandra

National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

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Conference talk: How to find the proper test – A case study on development of DNA-based methods for monitoring nosocomial respiratory tract infections

O  Bustin, Stephen Andrew

Anglia Ruskin University, England

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Conference talk: Accelerated Purification and Detection of SARS-CoV-2 
Conference talk: Forensic tissue identification by RT-PCR

O  Devonshire, Alison

National Measurement Laboratory, LGC, UK


Conference talk: Role of metrology and metrology institutes in advancing use of genomic biomarkers in Precision Medicine

O  Drabek, Jiri

IMTM, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University, Czech Republic


Conference talk: Epigenetic age estimation of healthy Czech population

O  Enroth, Stefan

Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

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Conference talk: Epigenetic age estimation of healthy Czech population

O  Gramatiuk, Svetlana

Ukraine Association of Biobank, Ukraine

alliedacademies.org; Biobank resource centre

Conference talk: Attitudes of Biobanks and Associated of parents towards the specimen donation of sick children to a hypothetical biobank

O  Habermann, Jens



Conference talk: BBMRI-ERIC biobanks excellent partners for research and development

O  Karlíková, Marie

University Hospital  Pilsen, Czech Republic


Conference talk: Preanalytic rules in biobanking

O  Kriegová, Eva

Palacky University and University Hospital Olomouc, Czech Republic

upol.cz; olgen.cz

Conference talk: Orthopaedics towards precision medicine:
patient stratification to improve clinical outcomes

O  Kofanova, Olga

IBBL Integrated Biobank of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Conference talk: Role of biobanks in Personalized Medicine: sample analysis and quality control tools in a biobank

O  Kubista, Mikael

Institute of Biotechnology CAS, v. v. i., Czech Republic


Conference talk: Two-Tailed PCR for Precision Diagnostics

O  Kucera, Radek

University Hospital  Pilsen, Czech Republic


Conference talk: Diagnostic algorithm of Prostate Cancer

O  Lazzaroni, Francesca

IFOM, Italy

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Conference talk: Propranolol treatment for Familial Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (Treat_CCM): the role of circulating biomarkers

O  Minarik, Marek

CEO, Elphogene, Czech Republic


Conference talk: Personalised monitoring of ctDNA by oncoMonitor™ liquid biopsy assay 

O  Mraz, Marek

CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology, Czech Republic


Conference talk: The biology of miRNAs in B cell malignancies and their use as biomarkers

O  Mälarstig, Anders

Pfizer / Karolinska institutet, Sweden


Conference talk: 

Oelmueller, Uwe

QIAGEN GmbH, Germany

SPIDIA4P coordinator


Conference talk: Preanalytical Workflow Standards: The Key for Reliable Diagnostics, Research and Biobanking

O  Pantel, Klaus

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany


Conference talk: Liquid Biopsy: From discovery to clinical implementation

O Pfaffl, Michael W.

Technical University of Munich, Germany


Conference talk: Diagnostic potentials of circulating and extracellular vesicle related microRNAs signatures for the discrimination of Pneumonia, Sepsis and Covid-19

O  Riegman, Peter

Erasmus MC Tissue Bank, Netherlands


Conference talk: Increase reproducibility with standardization of sample pre-analytics

O  Schröder, Ulrike

DIN Standards Committee Medicine, Germany


Conference talk: Linking research, innovation and standardization

O  Slaby, Ondrej

CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology, Czech Republic


Conference talk: A real-world genomics-guided precision medicine in prediatric oncology

O  Smieszek, Agnieszka

Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland

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Conference talk:Obesity-induced changes in metabolism of equine endometrial multipotent stromal cells are ameliorated by seminal extracellular vesicles

O  Stanta, Giorgio

Department of Medical Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy


Conference talk: Reproducibility of Clinical Research in Precision Oncology

O Torinsson Naluai, Åsa

Sahlgrenska academy, Sweden / Biobank west, Sweden

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Conference talk: Swedish sample quality initiatives and using biomarkers to determine quality in sample collections with unknown pre-analytic conditions

O Vandesompele, Jo

Ghent University/ Biogazelle, Belgium 


Conference talk: Extracellular RNA profiling in human biofluids: about standardization and beyond microRNAs and plasma

O Weinhäusel, Andreas

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria


Conference talk: Epigenomics and Immunomics pipelines assisting minimal invasive diagnostics & biomarker development

O  Zatloukal, Kurt

Institute of Pathology, Medical University of Graz, Austria


Conference talk: Pre-analytical requirements for in vitro diagnostic medical devices