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O Yasmin Panchbhaya

Omega Bio-tek

Conference talk: cfDNA and FFPE DNA/RNA Purification Solutions from Omega Bio-tek


O Pehlíková, Katerina


Conference talk: SARS-CoV-2 sequencing – application of new software for NGS.


O  Gresaková, Veronika 


Conference talk: Detection of SARS-CoV-2 microRNA panel using Two-tailed qPCR method.


O  Holló, Zsolt

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC

Conference talk: Implementation of personalized medicine in rheumatology: development of a novel gene expression based in-vitro diagnostics test for the prediction of biological therapy responsiveness in rheumatid arthritis.


O  Johansson, Gustav

Simsen Diagnostics

Conference talk: Solving challenges in ctDNA analysis for precision medicine applications


O  Rucevics, Marijana

Olink Proteomics

Conference talk: Plasma proteomic biomarkers predicts responses to cancer immunotherapy and provides biological insights into mechanism of resistance

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